A learning experience

In Pleistocene parallel Mammut-1, it starts. New recruits to Unit 1273 of Infinity Patrol. After three months of intensive physical, tactical, and scientific training, Major Blount takes the cadets out in the middle of the night for a practical survival exercise. They are unceremoniously dumped out the back of the cargo door of a VTOL. Thanks to the arctic survival training brought by Doc Derrial and with judicious use of telekinesis from Hondo’s character to carry the nearly dead weight of Dr. Mal Cheval, the group successfully navigated their way to a small cave.

The small cave was not empty. A smilodon, hunched silently at the entrance, tried to decide what the bipedal beings standing outside its home were doing. A slow movement…a second passes, maybe two. Doc Derrial makes a slow, indecisive gesture. Sadly, the smilodon had never witnessed a handgun, and will never have the opportunity to learn from its mistake. Smilodon meat is kinda gamy.



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