Stalkers, thieves, and door-to-door investigation

After saving some people from a burning building in Alex Johnson’s Rome, the group splits up to research the causes and find out what they could from the men who came to investigate. Doc Derrial, Myne, and Evie Lynn followed the man, Laurencius Meza who turned out to be working for the Vigiles. Evie Lynn distracted the receptionist while Doc Derrial and Myne tried to get info from one of the Vigiles. Doc Derrial learned very little by conversation, but Myne took the opportunity to steal the notes of the investigation from officer Meza.

Dr. Mal Cheval, Hondo’s character, and Mona searched the wreckage of the building for clues. Mona located the remnants of an electronic ignition system for what otherwise was a primitive explosive device.

The party regrouped, and visited to the houses of several witnesses listed on the note, only to discover that they weren’t home. The party split up again, with Doc Derrial panhandling outside the ruined building, eventually spotting someone slinking through the shadows and rummaging through the rubble. The rest of the party went back to witnesses at more of a dinner hour. They questioned a man that said he and others in the building did accounting work for Jonsonius, handling invoices and distributing payment. He referred them to his boss, one of the other witnesses on the list.



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