But I Don't Want to Ride the Elevator

After questioning more witnesses the group learned that people in a building with a bomb generally have no idea how a bomb got there because, if they did, they’d have known a bomb was there…which, come to think of it, means they probably would have left prior to the explosion.

Doc Derrial continued his panhandling observation of the ruined building and the mysterious man rummaging through the rubble.

Somewhere, the group tires of this investigation. They’re supposed to be on spring break anyway. Why are they following up on an explosion? A bit of research reveals that the Vigiles are basically run by Infinity Patrol, and all the little things that they saw indicating someone from outside Johnson’s Rome was involved meant that it fell clearly into the jurisdiction of Infinity Patrol. And they were still cadets. Cadets that stole evidence from the bombing site, stole notes from the investigating officer, and impersonated Infinity Patrolmen while completely disrupting the official investigation.


Fortunately, Doc Derrial spots the rummager taking something from the site, and pursues. After tackling the thief and questioning by aid of gunbarrel technology, Doc Derrial determines that this rummager is searching for the bomb remnants, because the people who hired him had specific bombs for specific targets and, well, he screwed up.

That is to say, he caught the guy. While the bomber was clearly not working alone, Doc Derrial at least managed to save the group’s hide. With bomb remnants, notes, and a suspect collected, the group turned it all over to Infinity Patrolman Meza and managed to secure a good word to Major Blount in the process.

Stalkers, thieves, and door-to-door investigation

After saving some people from a burning building in Alex Johnson’s Rome, the group splits up to research the causes and find out what they could from the men who came to investigate. Doc Derrial, Myne, and Evie Lynn followed the man, Laurencius Meza who turned out to be working for the Vigiles. Evie Lynn distracted the receptionist while Doc Derrial and Myne tried to get info from one of the Vigiles. Doc Derrial learned very little by conversation, but Myne took the opportunity to steal the notes of the investigation from officer Meza.

Dr. Mal Cheval, Hondo’s character, and Mona searched the wreckage of the building for clues. Mona located the remnants of an electronic ignition system for what otherwise was a primitive explosive device.

The party regrouped, and visited to the houses of several witnesses listed on the note, only to discover that they weren’t home. The party split up again, with Doc Derrial panhandling outside the ruined building, eventually spotting someone slinking through the shadows and rummaging through the rubble. The rest of the party went back to witnesses at more of a dinner hour. They questioned a man that said he and others in the building did accounting work for Jonsonius, handling invoices and distributing payment. He referred them to his boss, one of the other witnesses on the list.

A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum beach. The group was riding in a chariot (read: glorified wagon) intended for tourist transportation, when they heard an explosion. They redirected their ride to investigate. Finding a building on fire, they stood around talking for a while and then shuffled reluctantly into action. Well, some of them. Doc Derrial lifted rubble off survivors (aided surreptitiously with telekinesis by Hondo’s character, Evie Lynn and Dr. Mal Cheval attended survivors with medical attention.

A learning experience

In Pleistocene parallel Mammut-1, it starts. New recruits to Unit 1273 of Infinity Patrol. After three months of intensive physical, tactical, and scientific training, Major Blount takes the cadets out in the middle of the night for a practical survival exercise. They are unceremoniously dumped out the back of the cargo door of a VTOL. Thanks to the arctic survival training brought by Doc Derrial and with judicious use of telekinesis from Hondo’s character to carry the nearly dead weight of Dr. Mal Cheval, the group successfully navigated their way to a small cave.

The small cave was not empty. A smilodon, hunched silently at the entrance, tried to decide what the bipedal beings standing outside its home were doing. A slow movement…a second passes, maybe two. Doc Derrial makes a slow, indecisive gesture. Sadly, the smilodon had never witnessed a handgun, and will never have the opportunity to learn from its mistake. Smilodon meat is kinda gamy.


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